Ilê da Capoeira

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How to come to class

Text Mestre Cebolinha to let him know when you will be arriving.

973-420-29 eight 2

Include if it is your first class and any other relevant info or questions.

We are located on the second floor, first room on your left.

Our Schedule

Classes for people of all ages and abilities
Kid’s and Toddlers Capoeira Ages 2-12

Kids have so much to benefit with Capoeira – including spatial awareness, general fitness, and coordination

Teens/Beginner Capoeira

New to Capoeira? This is your class. Specially designed to introduce you to the art of Capoeira

Adults Advanced Capoeira

Meant to take you to the next level. Expect to be pushed and learn a lot!

Special Needs Capoeira

Our non-profit works hard to make Capoeira accessible to people of all abilities.

Our Family

Contact us for Events and Performances

Ilê da Capoeira has performed all over the nation and is happy to help for your next event. Let us know what event you have planned, and we’ll let you know how we can help.

Email us: