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The Brazilian Cultural Center of Newark was established in 2013 by Ronaldo Borges. Located in the heart of little Brazil in the “Ironbound”, the Center has been the host to various cultural practices including yoga, afro-dance, Samba, and Capoeira. Members of the community have benefitted by getting in shape and getting exposed to a new cultural practice they may not have known existed.

The Brazilian Cultural Center of Newark is open to everybody who is ready and willing to learn something new. We hold classes throughout the week and provide a wide range of services to clients including workshops and performances for special events. We look forward to seeing you and hope you enjoy the time you spend with us.

Cebolinha, contra mestre, cordao de ouroCebolinha, contra mestre, cordao de ouro

Contra-Mestre Cebolinha


Contra-Mestre Cebolinha is the head instructor and Director of the Brazilian Cultural Center of Newark. Ronaldo has 20+ years experience practicing Capoeira and 15+ years teaching Capoeira to every level student. Ronaldo is originally from the city of Belo Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais. This is where his journey in Capoeira began and where he trained with great teachers such as Meste Pentiado, Mestre Fuinha, and Mestre Suassuna. Mestre Suassuna is the founder of Cordão de Ouro.

In Brazil, students from ages two to 60 have trained with Ronaldo, including many students with special needs. In 2010, Ronaldo moved from his native Country of Brazil to the United States. In 2012, Ronaldo began teaching Capoeira classes in Newark, New Jersey and one year later, in 2013, the Brazilian Cultural Center of Newark was created.

Through his professional career, Ronaldo has taught hundreds of students in the United States and Brazil. In addition, Ronaldo has been invited to teach workshops in many international events including Israel, Turkey, and Canada.



Assistant Instructor

Carcará started his journey in Capoeira in 2001 in Minas gerais, Brazil. He moved to the United States in 2004 and began training with Contra Mestre Cebolinha in 2012. Carcará reached the level of monitor in 2015.

Carcará enjoys spending his time with his two children and likes to play video games in his spare time.

Capoeira teacher, Capoeira instructor, Learn capoeira, capoeira cdoCapoeira teacher, Capoeira instructor, Learn capoeira, capoeira cdo


Assistant Instructor

Monitor Calado is a Newark, NJ resident who first started training in Capoeira in 2007 and has been hooked on it ever since. “Capoeira is what makes me feel centered. When I play with others, or when I practice by myself I feel a great sense of being grounded and focused. Capoeira has given me confidence in the way I move and express myself – whether that is through the various movements we practice, acrobatics, playing music, or dance.

Calado enjoys playing guitar, traveling, and works as a professional urban planner.

Capoeira teacher, Capoeira CDO, learn acapoeiraCapoeira teacher, Capoeira CDO, learn acapoeira


Assistant Instructor


Samba Instructor

Malaika Wack de Walodjol is a French born professional dancer who has performed and tought internationally since a young age. Growing up in France with a father from Cameroon, Malaika has been steeped simultaneously in two worlds; exposed to African rhythms, music, and culture her entire life, and is also classically trained in modern jazz since the age of four. Through this global lens, Malaika brings her contagious energy and joy for dance.  She performs various styles of dance including; samba, modern jazz, bachata and salsa and has additionally studied afro, capoeira and aerial silks. Malaika became a certified Zumba Fitness trainer in 2009 and has been featured in many professional ;® photo shoots and videos.  She has also earned a Bachelors degree in International Relations from Florida International University.